Bioretention System

John Burroughs School has developed a bioretention system as a plant- and soil-based infiltration/filtration facility for parking lot stormwater runoff. We are in the process of establishing a stand of grasses and wildflowers that will help prevent evapotranspiration, enhance soil composition, encourage biological activity, and promote the removal of pollutants before stormwater enters our pond. Stormwater runoff flows downhill from the driveway and south parking lot into cell 1, then cell 2, then cell 3, and finally into the pond. The bioretention system holds the parking lot water runoff long enough for Missouri native plants and soil to clean the water before entering the pond. Another important benefit of the system is to prevent rapid filling and flushing of the pond. Completion of the bioretention pond will bring natural beauty and a thriving Missouri ecosystem to the south side of the JBS campus.

This is a student-driven project under the supervision of Dr. Scott Deken. The native plants were selected by the 2006-2007 Advanced Biology Conservation class and were planted by the 2007-2008 Advanced Biology Conservation class. The bioretention system and pond will be regularly monitored by students in the science department. The system also promises to bring inspiration and a natural landscape for those students in painting and drawing classes.


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