Course Basics

Grade Scale

A is 93 - 100
A- is 90 - 92
B+ is 87 - 89
B is 83 - 86
B- is 80 - 82
C+ is 77 - 79
C is 73 - 76
C- is 70 - 72
D+ is 67 - 69
D is 63 - 66
D- is 60 - 62
F is under 60.

I do NOT round up. If you earn an 86.7, your grade is a B. If you earn an 89.9, your grade is a B+.


Basic Rules: 1) Put your name on your assignment, 2) Use a pencil or a black or blue pen, 3)Write legibly, and 4) Homework is due at the beginning of class and will not be accepted if late. If you turn in homework late because of an absence write "absent" next to your name to avoid confusion.

Absences and Late Homework

You are responsible for your own absences. I do not accept late homework unless you missed because of an excused absence. A.S.A.P. talk to Dr. Deken about labs that need to be made up (if they can be).


Tests are typically 40 to 50 multiple choice questions followed by 10 to 20 points worth of short answer/essay questions. Tests at the beginning of the semester are worth less than tests at the end of the semester. For each test (except the first one) you can expect 5 to 10 questions from previous units.