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Lizard Evolution Lab
Human Evolution
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
Comparative Neuroanatomy
Endocrine System
Neuropharmacology & Neurotoxicology
Drugs of Abuse
Sensation & Perception
Neuromuscular System
Studying the Nervous System
Learning & Memory
Memory Games & Types of Learning
Agonistic & Territorial Behavior
Innate Behaviors
Circadian Rhythms
Parental Care
Personality Cognition & Emotion
Social Disorders
Coefficient of Relatedness
Neurobiology Frontiers
Animal Experimentation
Neurobiology of Disease
Behavioral Neuroscience
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Other Resources:

Study Tips

Cult of Pedagogy - 6 Learning Strategies

Feynman Technique - How to Master a New Subject


Online Textbooks

Neuroscience Online from University of Texas

Online Animal Behavior "Textbook"



Animated Tutorials List

Neuroscience Textbook with great Tutorials

2 Minute Neuroscience - Videos on many Neuro topics!

The Mind's Machine Textbook Link (has animations)

List of Movies dealing with Psychology

Wellcome Trust - Big Picture



Milestones in Neuroscience Research

Phineas Gage Information



Animal Models for Addiction Research (Learn.Genetics - The University of Utah)

Pedigree Investigator, On the Case of Nicotine Addiction (Learn.Genetics - The University of Utah)

Tour of the Basics (Learn.Genetics - The University of Utah)

Molecules of Inheritance (Learn.Genetics - The University of Utah)

Mendelian Genetics (The Biology Project - Univ. of AZ)

Gregor Mendel Experiments Tutorial

Mendels Law of Independent Assortment Tutorial

Independent Assortment Tutorial

Epigenetics - Crash Course


Lizard Evolution Lab

Lizard Evolution Vitual Lab - HHMI

Anole Lizard DNA Sequences - HHMI



Population Genetics Tutorial

Evolution 101

The Phylogenetic Tree of Anole Lizards - HHMI

Pocket Mouse Film - HHMI

Evolving Switches, Evolving Bodies - HHMI

Evolution at Different Scales: Micro to Macro

Misconceptions about Natural Selection & Adaptation

Evolution in Action: Salamanders - Nova



Evolution 101

Interactive Time Line

Lines of Evidence

Understanding Homology and Analogy

Imperfect Evolution & Giraffe


Human Evolution

Great Transitions: The Origin of Humans

Genographic Project - National Geographic

Becoming Human

Human Evolution Activity - PBS

Human Evolution Made Easy - You Tube

Becoming Us The Human Spark Video

Decoding Neaderthals - NOVA Video

Dawn of Humanity - NOVA Video

Running = Big Brains? Video

So Human, So Chimp The Human Spark Video

Mirror Neurons - The Human Spark Video on PBS

Before and After Humans - MSNBC

Journey of Mankind - Bradshaw Foundation



Tinbergen's Four Questions - Wikipedia

Lions Mating Behavior

Monogamy Gene in Humans - NBC Today Show



Central Nervous System

-> Deken Brain Region Lecture <-

Mr. Split Brainy Game

2 Minute Neuroscience - Videos on many Neuro topics!

The Brain - Bozeman Science

How Your Brain Works

Getting to Know Your Brain - Crash Course

Divisions of the Nervous System - Neuroscience for Kids

The Motor Cortex

Split Brain - Archive Footage from 1964

Split Corpus Callosum - Part 1

Split Corpus Callosum - Part 2

Voluntary Control of Facial Muscles

Stroop Test from Nova

Stroop Effect

Animal Stroop Effect


Peripheral Nervous System

Reflex Arc Tutorial

Reflexes - Discover Biology Textbook - Tutorial

Nervous System Organization

Reaction Time Test

Reaction Time Test with Sheep


Comparative Neuroanatomy

Comparative Neuroanatomy - Neuroscience for Kids

Compare Brains - Serendip

Comparative Mammalian Brains - Brain Museum

Sheep Brain Dissection and External Anatomy

Sheep Brain

Human Neuroanatomy Tutorial

The Evolutionary Layers of the Human Brian



-> Deken Neuron and Action Potential Lecture <-

-> Deken Synaptic Transmission Lecture <-

The Membrane Potential Tutorial

Membrane Potential - Bozeman Science

-> The Action Potential Tutorial <-

The Action Potential Tutorial

The Action Potential - Bozeman Science

Impulse Conduction in Axons Tutorial

Action Potential Propagation

Summation of Postsynaptic Potentials Tutorial

Ionotropic and Metabotropic Receptors

Synaptic Transmission at NMJTutorial

The Synapse Tutorial

The Synapse - Bozeman Science

Chemical Synapse Tutorial

Neuroscience for Kids - Synapse

Neurotransmitter Pathways in the Brain - Ach, DA, NorE, 5-HT


Endocrine System

-> Deken Endocrine System Lecture <-

Hormone Basics

The Action of Hormones

Endocrine Glands

Sex Hormones - Puberty

Sex Hormones - Pregnancy


Tutorial - Hypothalamic/Pituitary/Endocrine Axis & Negative Feedback Loops

Ovarian & Uterine Cycles

Tutorial - Insulin and Glucose Regulation

Tutorial - Hormonal Regulation of Calcium

Endocrine Web

Animation on Second Messenger System


Neuropharmacology & Neurotoxicology by Medical Condition

RxList Diseases, Conditions, and Tests

The Good Drug Guide

Frontline - The Medicated Child on PBS

Neurotoxins - Neuroscience for Kids

National Institutes on Drug Abuse - Prescription Drugs


Drugs of Abuse

The Effects of Drugs: Mouse Party

Prescription Drug Abuse Lecture -- Deken

Pedigree of Nicotine Addiction Game

Animal Models for Addiction Research

Drugs of Abuse & Actions on the Brain

The Pleasure Centres

Facts on Drugs - NIDA for Teens

Drugs of Abuse Information - NIDA

Drugs and the Brain - NIDA

A Guide to Drugs and the Brain - National Families in Action

How Crack Cocaine Works

Pharmacologic Action of Meth

The Social Environment and Impacts on the Reward Pathway

Addiction Resources - Addiction Group



-> Deken Visual Processing Lecture <-

Optical Illusions - Michael Bach

Cow Eye Dissection

Anatomy of the Human Eye Tutorial

Learn.Genetics - Vision

Phototransduction Tutorial

Receptive Fields in the Retina Tutorial

Visual Pathways in the Human Brain Tutorial

Color Sorting Game - Project Neuron U of I

Brain Story - BBC

How Vision Works

The Eye Design Book

Oculocephalic Reflex

Phantoms of the Brain - PBS - You Tube


Sensation & Perception

Receptors in the Skin Tutorial

The Neuroscience of our Senses - Learn.Genetics

Somatosensory Cortex & Body Map

Pain - Neuroscience for Kids

How Pain Works

How Hearing Works

Tutorial - Sound Detection in the Ear

Tutorial - Sound Transduction in the Human Ear

Balance Tutorial

The Vestibular System Tutorial

You Tube Video - Dizzy Bat Contest

The Human Olfactory System Tutorial

Where Am I? - RadioLab

Face Blindness - RadioLab


Neuromuscular System

Neuromuscular Junction Tutorial w/ Toxins

Marathon Mouse - Nova Science Now

Aiding Aging Muscles - Nova Science Now

Damn It Basal Ganglia - RadioLab


Studying the Nervous System

NeuroMethods Textbook - Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience

Positron Emission Tomography Tutorial

MRI Tutorial

How fMRI works - Brain on Trial with Alan Alda

How EEG works - Backyard Brains

How EEG works - Bloom Institute for Mind, Brain & Education

How does a PET scan work? - Imperial College London

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scan |Daniel Amen| Ted Talk

Brain Imaging - Neuroscience for Kids

Advances in Brain Imaging - HBO

Functional MRI - Brain

The Voltage ClampTutorial

The Patch Clamp Method Tutorial

Steps of Knockout Mice

Green Flourescent Protein -

Marc Zimmer - TED Talk on GFP


Learning & Memory

** -- Deken Associative Learning Lecture -- **

** -- Rediscovering Biology Online Textbook: Unit 10 | Neurobiology:
The Molecular Basis of Learning and Memory
-- **

Sensitization in Aplysia Tutorial

AMPA and NMDA Receptors Tutorial

Memory and Learning

Brain Plasticity - Neuroscience for Kids

Memory Experiments - Neuroscience for Kids

The Man Who Couldn't Remember - Nova Science Now

Of Mice and Memory - Nova Science Now

How Memory Works - Nova

A Memorable Snail - Nova

Memory in Action - Nova Science Now

Memory and the Human Brain

Memory - RadioLab Episode


Memory Games

Number Recall Test


Types of Learning

Learning (animal behavior online)

NMDA and AMPA Receptor Tutorial

Habituation of the Startle Response (habituation)

Sensitization tutorial

Ivan Pavlov (associative)

Thorndike & The Law of Effect (associative)

John B. Watson & Little Albert Experiment (associative)

John B. Watson's Biography (associative)

Albert Bandura Bobo Doll Experiment (social)

Children See, Children Do (social)

IL-16 KO Mouse Radial Arm Maze (spatial)

Chimpanzee Insightful Learning (insightful)

Raven Insightful Learning (insightful)

Smart Sea Lions and Talking Walruses - Nova Science Now



The Stress Response

Understanding Stress - Interview with Bruce McEwen on PBS

Positive and Negative Stress - Interview with Robert Sapolsky on PBS


Agonistic Behavior

The Costs of Defending a Territory Tutorial

Emotions and the Brain

Self-Defense (animal behavior online)

Nesting and Territoriality (animal behavior online)


Innate Behaviors

Fixed Action Behavior Tutorial

Fixed Action Patterns

How the Brain Turns On Innate Behavior


Circadian Rhythms

Rat Circadian Rhythms Tutorial

A Molecular Clock Tutorial

Time-Compensated Solar Compass in Pigeons Tutorial

The Time of Our Lives - Learn.Genetics



EEG & Sleep - YouTube

Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep - NINDS

The Different Types of Sleep

Video Short: Sleepless Surgeons on PBS

Why We Need Sleep - Nova Science Now

Lucid Dreaming - RadioLab



Beauty and the Eye of the Beholder

Attractiveness Test

Sex I.D. Test

The Rituals of Courtship - Interview with Marc Hauser on PBS

8 Animal Courtship Rituals

About Courtship Rituals

Brain in Love - RadioLab



Organization Effects of Testosterone Animation

Mating Systems (animalbehavioronline)

30 Strangest Animal Mating Habits

Animal Mating Systems


Parental Care

Parental Behavior (animal behavior online)

Dandelion and Orchid Kids - Parenting



Lick Your Rats - Learn.Genetics Univeristy of Utah

Epigentics - Nova Science Now

Why DNA Isn't Your Destiny - Time Magazine

Rat Grandma's Diet Linked to Granddaughter's Cancer

Are Contaminants Silencing Our Genes?



Foraging Behavior Tutorial

Homeostasis Tutorial

Parabiotic Mouse (Leptin) Tutorial

Foraging (animal behavior online)

Interesting Crow Foraging Behavior

The Science of Picky Eaters - Nova Science Now

Blocking Bitter Taste - Nova Science Now

Obesity - Nova Science Now



Language: Crash Course

How Did Language Evolve? - How Stuff Works

From Thought to Language

Communication (animal behavior online)

Dancing Bees for Food Direction - You Tube

Dancing Honeybee Using Vector Calculus to Communicate - You Tube

NATURE | Silence of the Bees | Inside the Hive | PBS - You Tube

Bee Dance (Waggle Dance) - You Tube

Bird Brains - Nova Science Now

Voices in Your Head - RadioLab


Cognition & Emotion

Project Implicit - Take the Test!

Carl Jung Personality Test

16 Personality Type Descriptions

5 Factor Personality Test

Jung Personality Test - Typology

Emotional Intelligence Quiz

Spot the Fake Smile Test

Cognition and Emotion (animal behavior online)

Cognition and Emotion (Scholar pedia)

Mirror Neurons - Nova Science Now




Kin Selection

--> Implicit Association Test <--

Frans Van der Waal TED Talk

Human Social Networks - The Human Spark Video on PBS

Milgram Experiment

Stanford Prison Experiment

Wisdom of the Crowds - Nova Science Now

How Morality Works

Morality - RadioLab

Bats, Altruism - RadioLab

Killer Empathy - RadioLab


Social Disorders

Autism Fact Sheet - NINDS

Autism - Kids Health

Autism - Neuroscience for Kids

This Emotional Life - Asperger's Syndrome - PBS

Asperger's Syndrome - Neuroscience for Kids

Bad People - RadioLab


Coefficient of Relatedness

Kinship and Cooperation (animal behavior online)

Evolution of Eusocial Behavior

Individual versus Group in Natural Selection - Scientific American



Animal Culture - How Stuff Works

Culture's not only human - USA Today

Animal Culture -

Human Culture

How different cultures shape the brain


Neurobiology Frontiers

Cognitive Enhancement - Time Magazine

Unanswered Questions in Neuroscience

Technology Review - MIT




Neuroethics - Neuroscience for Kids

Neuroethics: The Neuroscience Revolution, Ethics, and the Law

Brain Enhancement Is Wrong, Right? - The New York Times


Animal Experimentation

Stop Animal Tests . com

Animal Testing - PETA

Hollywood Chimps: The Debate

Earthlings - Movie


Neurobiology of Disease

Alphabetical List of Neurological Disorders - NINDS

Nervous System Diseases

Understanding and Attacking Alzheimer's - HBO

Brain Trauma - Nova Science Now

Profile: Dr. Quinones-Hinojos - Nova Science Now

Wernicke's Aphasia

Urbach-Wiethe Disease


Behavior Journals and Publications

Scientific American Mind

Discover Magazine Mind & Brain

Science Daily Mind & Brain

Science News Body & Brain

Behavioral Neuroscience

Brain, Behavior, and Evolution

Journal of Comparative Psychology

Annual Review of Neuroscience

Trends in Neurosciences

Journal of Neuroscience

Nature Neuroscience