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Course Syllabus 2016-2017
Winter/Spring Syllabus Course Policies Science & Ethics Links
WEEK # 1 Aug. 25-26
Thr Introduction to Course No Assignment; receive handout on Moral Reasoning
Fri History of Ethical Theory Pence p. 1-10 and this briefing on Guidelines on Reading Philosophy or the pdf version
WEEK # 2 Aug. 29 - Sept. 2
Mon History of Ethical Theory Pence p. 10-18
Tue Socratic Dialogue Practice Online: Plato's Euthyphro (A Dialogue) Pdf Version
Thu Utilitarianism Online: Mill's Utilitarianism Ch. 1-2 Pdf Version Ch.1 Pdf Version Ch.2WARNING!!Long Reading!!!
Fri Utilitarianism Mill's Utilitarianism Ch. 3-4 Pdf Version Ch.3 Pdf Version Ch.4
WEEK # 3 Sept. 5 - 9 (Labor Day)
Mon No School -- Labor Day  
Tue Justice Sandel, Justice
Thu Moral Development Moral Development in Encyl. of Ethics 828 - 831
Fri Kohlberg's Dilemmas Moral Development in Encyl. of Ethics by Becker 831 - 835
WEEK # 4 Sept. 12 - 16
Mon Review Bring in 4 possible essay questions and 10 potential ID questions
Thu Human Reproduction/ Fert. The Powerpoint Human Reproductive Systems; Fertilization; Infertility Gilbert p. 3 - 15; 18 - 26; 49 (Review by watching Mr. Anderson's Reproduction)
Fri Causes of Infertililty  The Powerpoint Causes of Infertility Gilbert 53 - 64 and these online webpages from ehealthmed (See bottom of page and read sections 1 - 5)
WEEK # 5 Sept. 19 - 23 (Blue & Gold Week)
Mon Techniques of Assisted Reproduction The Powerpoint Assisted Reproductive Technologies Gilbert p. 64 - 69; 71 - 76; Optional FYI: What should I have done after an IVF Mix-up? (NY Times) Opinion Consider Freezing Your Eggs; Newsweek: Women Freezing their Eggs or the pdf version NY Times: Brave New World of Three Parent I.V.F. Baby Born with three parents (Mitocondriaal disease)
Tue Surrogate Motherhood (Legal)
VIDEO: Bloodlines
Pence 127-137; Optional FYI: Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort or the pdf Version; Wall Stree Jounal: Apple & Facebook Pay for Egg Freezing or PDF; N.Y. Times: Jailed Cuban Spy's wife becomes pregnant; Washington Post: I am Pro-Life, A Surrogate Mother's Stand on Reducing her Triplets or pdf version
Thu Surrogate Motherhood (Ethics) Pence 138-150; Optional: Baby born to woman with transplanted womb; Optional: NY Times Retro Report: Baby M and the Question of Surrogacy (15:00 min); Optional: What sould I have done after an I.V.F. Mix-up?
Fri The Science of Cloning The Powerpoint Gilbert 111 - 124; Watch NY Times Retro Report: The Story of Dolly the Cloned Sheep(13:40 min)
WEEK # 6 Sept. 26 - 30 (Bahe at 7th Grade Drey Land, First Session)
Mon Special Guest Speaker (C.M.)
Read Ahead for tomorrow's assignment.
Tue Ethics of cloning Read Ethics of Cloning in Gilbert p. 125-140
Thu The Science of Stem Cells The Powerpoint
(Note to Bahe: condense into one day 2016-2017)
Gilbert p. 143 - 158 (Finish) Cloning Human Stem Cells oe pdf Version; Optional: Growing Livers with Stem Cells - Some Success; Videos: Stem Cell Animation, DNA Learning Center's Stem Cells and IPS cells; SciShow's Fast Review of Stem Cell types; U. of Mich. tutorial on stem cells; Stem Cells insulin secreting cells (or PDF Here); NPR 6 min Stem Cells Retore Human Vision; ScienceNow: Creating eggs and sperm from stem cells Creating Cells with new mitochondria
NOTE TO BAHE 2016: Check out htis website as alternative reading on Stem Cells:
Fri Politics & Ethics of Stem Cells (Guest Speaker: Eric Westacott) Read online: Amendment Two and A column: Full Text and Missouri Amendment Changes Little
Read Petition Sample below
Petition sample form approved for circulation on September 17, 2007. Official ballot title certified by Secretary of State on October 10, 2007.
Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to repeal the current banon human cloning or attempted cloning and to limit Missouri patients' access to stem cell research, therapies and cures approved by voters in November 2006 by:
redefining the ban on human cloning or attempted cloning to criminalize and impose civil penalties for some currently allowed research, therapies and cures; and prohibiting hospitals or other institutions from using public funds to conduct such research? This proposal could have a significant negative fiscal impact on state and local governmental entities due to its prohibition of certain research activities. However, the total costs to state and local governmental entities are unknown.
WEEK # 7 Oct. 3 - 7 (No Monday - 4 Days - Rosh Hashanah)
Mon No School - Rosh Hashanah  
Tue Politics & Ethics of Stem Cells Read Ethics of Stem Cells in Gilbert 159-175
Thu Leftover Embryos Embryos in Court in Outcome Uncertain by Munson p. 228-230  & Destroying Embryos in Opposing Viewpoints 121-136 Online Spare Embryos; Optional:Geneically Modifying Leftover Human Embryos by Swedish Scientists (NPR) or read transcript here
Fri Sex Selection The Powerpoint Gilbert 83 - 84; 92-93; 95 - 108
WEEK # 8 Oct. 10-14 (2 Days - No Wed - Yom Kippur; No Thur/Fri - Report Writing)
Mon Review Review Sheet Test 2  
Wed No School - Yom Kippur  
Thu No School - Report Writing  
Fri No School - Report Writing  
WEEK # 9 Oct. 17 - 21 (Fall Play Practices & Performances)
Mon DNA: Structure and Function The Powerpoint DNA Structure Gilbert p. 179 - 191 Watch DNA & RNA by Mr. Anderson: Part 1 and Part 2

Techniques of Genetic Engineering/ Applications The Powerpoint
Intro to Two Genetic Engineering Experiment; Practice with Micropipets (Use pg. 44 in class) Meet in Lab TBA

Read Online: Cloning & Recombinant DNA. Watch Molecular Biology for overview of techniques
Thu Experiment: Extract DNA from Food sources -- Meet in Lab TBA Student Manual for Lab "Identifying GMO Foods" Binder pg. 30-34. Bring in 2 food sources as described in class
Fri Experiment: Set up PCR from Food Sources; Meet in Lab TBA Use Lab Directions (Binder Pg. 31) in class; Watch PCR (5 minutes)
WEEK # 10 Oct. 24 - 28 (Blue & Gold Dance on Saturday)
Mon Experiment:  Set up Electrophoresis of Food DNA --> Meet in Lab TBA Use Lab Directions (Binder Pg. 33) in class; Watch NY Times Retro Report: How DNA Changed the World of Forensics (11:00 min.)
Tue Collect Cheek Cell DNA; --> Meet in Lab TBA Use Lab Directions (Binder Pg. 31) in class; Read Online Lab: PV92 PCR (Also in Binder pg. 35-42); Watch: NY Times Retro Report: Test Tube Tomato (13 Min)

Set up PCR of Check Cell DNA --> Meet in Lab TBA
Read and discuss GMO electrophoresis gel;
Discuss other uses of electrophoresis (e.g. DNA Fingerprinting) --> Meet in Lab TBA

Reminder to Bahe - Call Meg Hefner to confirm;
Review Online: PV92 PCR (pg. 39-42)
Fri Experiment: Electrophresis of cheek Cell DNA
Debrief  Experiments; Discuss other uses of electrophoresis (e.g. DNA Fingerprinting) (Use pg. 44 - 47 in class) -- Meet in Lab TBA
Read Online: Genetically Modified Foods from the National Science Foundation; The Scientist reviews GMO animals or PDF (Designer Livestock)
WEEK # 11 Oct. 31 - Nov. 4 (Halloween Assembly; 4 Days - No School Friday - Parent Conferences)
Mon Read your check cell gel - What does it mean? (in Room 203)
The Labeling of GMO Foods The PPT --> Back to Dr. Smith's room
Read Online GMO Food Readings and California Labeling; Statement from AAAS; Optional: Labeling GMOs: Is the fight worth it? (Wash. Post)
Tue ISSUE: Social uses of DNA Identification in Encyl. of Bioethics p. 677-682 Optional FYI: NPR - Everyone has flawed genes (4 min)
Thu Review Genetics/ Human disorders/Gene TherapyGenetics Review Handout Read Online Review of Basic Genetics Pdf Version and Read Online Gene Therapyor PDF Version Gilbert p. 191 - 197 (Optional for extra clarification: Watch Basic Mendeial Genetics and Watch Advanced Genetics (Exceptions to Mendelian Genetics) )
Fri No School - ISACS & Parent Conferences Catch up on any reading; work ahead
WEEK # 12 Nov. 7 - 11

Gene Therapy/ History

Note to Bahe: Supplies stored in Smith's room behind flag.

Gilbert 199 - 212; Optional FYI: Gene Therapy Arrives in Europe; Optional: Listen to NPR Story on Combining DNA from 3 different People (8.5 min.)
Tue Guest Speaker Genetic counselor, Megan Hefner; Types of Genetic Tests Read Online Questions about Genetic Testing; Changes to Chromosomes; Prenatal Testing Overview; CVS & Amniocentesis or PDF Version
Thu ISSUE: Can having children be immoral? Pence 324-340 and Can Having Children be Immoral? in Intervention & Reflection by Munson P. 338-343  Moral Issues in Human Genetics); Optional: 60 minutes Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis - Breeding Out Disease (13.5 min) Can read transcript; video needs access
Fri Review Review Sheet Test 3 Bring questions
WEEK # 13  Nov. 14 - 18
Tue Human Development & The Beginning of Life The Powerpoint Gilbert 15 - 18; 40 - 45 Here is the Essay you will write at the end of this unit.
No Time This Year ('16-'17) Complete human development; Conjoined Twins Conjoined Twins
ISSUE: Cojoined twins
Thu When does life Begin? (Complete human development if nec.) Read Online: When does human life begin?
Fri Techniques of Abortion The PowerPoint Gilbert 31 - 45; Optional FYI: From NPR: Lifting Age Resptrictions on Morning After Pill or CBSNews Prescribe it in advance!l
WEEK # 14 Nov. 21 - 25 ( 2 Days - No Wed, Thurs. or Fri.:  Thanksgiving)
Mon Defense of Abortion Pence p. 153 - 168
Tue Abortion is Immoral Pence p. 183 - 200 - Dress Up day Today
Wed Thanksgiving Turkey Day; No HW!
Thu Thanksgiving Turkey Day; No HW!
Fri Thanksgiving Turkey Day; No HW!
WEEK # 15 Nov. 28 - Dec. 2
Mon Roe v Wade Read Online: Roe v Wade Pdf Version (Stop Reading at after Section 7A) and also read a short online Summary - may not work so try Pdf Version
Tue Roe v Wade Read Online: Roe v Wade Complete Reading including Stewart & Rehnquist after the footnotes Pdf Version
Thu Politics of Abortion The Powerpoint Read Online: Abortion Debates CQ Researcher March 21, 2003 Pdf Version; Optional: Opinion form Wash. Post: Donating eggs vs. Fetal Tissue or The Controversey Explained or Texas NPR Ethics of Tissue Donation and more here (060)


So what?? Powerpoint

Complete Abortion Essay!!!!!!
Stuff your ears with leftover sweet potatoes

  Saturday, December 10, 2015; 10:00 am at Dr. Smith's House
506 Wetherby Terrace Drive, Ballwin, MO 63021
 Get Directions Here
WEEK # 16 Dec. 5 - 9 (English Papers due Friday; BioEthics review at Smith's house on Saturday morning - See directions below)

Bahe v Bahe The Powerpoint;

Can Review Evolution by watching Mr. Anderson's: Natural Selelction, Evidence, Speciation, and Reproductive Isolation
Tue The Politics of Teaching Biology (Review Sheet #4 for Final Exam) Read Online: Evolution & Creationism In American Schools
Thu Santa Claus Exists and will be on the final!! The Powerpoint Santa Lives (Binder pg. 74 - 84)
Fri What is Race? (Activity) Sorting People;  The Powerpoint Oprtional: Read Online: Code of Many Colors Sci News Apr 9, 2005 Pdf Version
WEEK # 17 Dec. 12 - 6 (Exams; Winter Break Begins Friday)
Mon Exams: Language PREPARE FOR EXAMS
Tue Exam:  History PREPARE FOR EXAMS
Wed Exams: Science PREPARE FOR EXAMS
Fri Winter Break Begins!! Sleep, Relax, Ejoy your break!!
Fall Syllabus
WEEK # 18 Jan 2 - 6 (4 Days - No Monday)
Mon New Year's Celebration Last Day of Winter Break! No HW!
Tue The Biology of Race
(BAHE --> Consider this new video: HHMI's Skin Color)
Watch Ted Talk(15 min)The Illusion of Race (Nina Jablonski) Optional: Study of 23&me data reveals surprising ancestry of many Americans
Thu ISSUE: Targeted Medical treatment and Screening Race, Gender, & Medicine - A Briefing Session in Intervention & Reflection by Munson p. 215-227 Race, Gender & Medicine (Binder 85 - 97)
Fri Sex Determination and Development The PowerPoint Read Online Sex Determination & Development Larger (and clearer file) here; Optional: Listen to NPR (5 min) Woman banned for naturally occuring high testosterone levels or read PDF; Dutee Chand can compete with high testosterone levels NYTimes July 28 2015 and July 29 2015; First Described case of Sexual Ambiguity 1865
WEEK # 19 Jan. 9 - 13

ISSUE: Are the Brains of Males and Females different The PowerPoint

NEW 2017: Link for Class: Brain Sex Activities

WEBSITE FOR ACTIVITY; 2nd Website: Spot the Fake Smile 3rd Website: Brain Quiz New Reading the Mind with the Eyes or same test from Harvard (Better) (Critique of the test)

Read Online: His Brain, Her Brain Scientific American (Apr 25, 2005) Pdf Version; Roots of Gender Differences
You might enjoy the entire BBC program on "Is Your Brain Male or Female" (70 min)


Activity: Ethics of Males and Females (Gilligan)  See here for the Gilligan Assignment
Thu Biology of Sexual Orientation The PowerPoint Optional FYI: Parents of Trans-gender child file complaint; Max a 9 year old feels like a girl; NY Times Mag: When Women Become Men at Wellesley Optional: NYTimes Upshot: Transgender People Transforming History(Video - 12 min)


Politics of Sexuality The Powerpoint 2016

Read Online: Summary Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Optional: Complete Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Optional: Gay Adoption Pro, Gay Adoption Con, Gay Marriage Con, Gay Marriage Pro, Gay Marriage Laws
WEEK # 20 Jan. 16 - 20 (4 days - Martin Luther King Day) (It's Dance Show Week) (Home MICDS Basketball Game) (THIMUN Departs)
Mon No School:  Martin Luther King Day  
Tues Politics of Sexuality The Powerpoint 2016 Read Online: Summary Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Optional: Complete Supreme Court Decision on Same-Sex Marriage Optional: Gay Adoption Pro, Gay Adoption Con, Gay Marriage Con, Gay Marriage Pro, Gay Marriage Laws
Science Review During/After Lunch
(Updated review sheet will be handed out)
Review Sheet Test #5
Thu Free Will- Are you your brain? The Powerpoint The Atlantic Brain on Trial and Scientific American Why We Have Free Will; optional Brain controls brain Want to know more? Try this long video: The Brain and the Law: How Neuroscience Will Shift Blameworthiness by David Eagleman or this one:Free Will . . . Can we Live without the Illusion? (Susan Blackmore)
Fri Discussion:  Who am I?  Assignment here; Optional FYI: To The Best OF Knowledge Stories of You; Optional: Rachel Dolezal identifies as Black
Bring 4 Possible Essay Questions for your test
WEEK # 21 Jan 23 - 27 (THIMUN Returns)
Tue History of Biowarfare The Powerpoint Read Online: Potential Biological Weapons Threats" Emerging Infectious Diseases (CDC) , July-Aug. 1999 PDF Version
Thu World War II ( Japanese) (Watch Unit 731) Read Online: Unit 731: Medical Madness in the "other" holocaust Pdf Version and start reading Human Radiation Experiments by Goliszek p. 117 - 145 (Finish for Tues.) (Binder 106 - 115)
WEEK # 22 Jan 30 - Feb 3 (4 Days - No Friday: Faculty Professional Day)
Mon U. S. Radiation Experiments (Watch Bikini Beach) Notes and a Timeline of Radiation History; Student Made Prezi on History of Radiation Complete Reading Human Radiation Experiments by Goliszek p. 117 - 145 (Binder 115 - 121)
Tue Tuskegee (Watch Miss Evers Boys)
Absent? Film available on YouTube
Background on Syphilis
Read chapter one of Bad Blood (Binder pg. 122 - 131) Optional: Recent Lawsuit: Deliberate STDs & Guatamalens; NPR Special Investigation: Chemical Experiments Tested Troops by Race (Part I) (Listen - 10.5 min)
Thu Willowbrook (Informed consent on kids)
Handout on Liver functions & Hepatitis
Willowbrook articles in Intervention & Reflection by Munson p. 38-39, 54-60 (Binder 132 - 142)
Fri No School:  Faculty Professional Day (ISACS)  
WEEK # 23 Feb. 6 - 10 (Away MICDS Basketball Game)
Mon Defense of Animal Experimentation The PowerPoint Gilbert p. 241 - 250; 254 - 261; Watch Glowing Cats & AIDS Research (3 min); Optional Watch: NY TimesRetro Report: The Shadow of Thalidomide Tragedy(15:00 min)
Tue Critique of Animal Experimentation Pence 231 - 246 (Singer) (Optional Online Extra - The Surprising Science of Animal Friendship Time, 2012)
Thu Animals and Language (Watch parts of Signs of the Apes) Next of Kin by Fouts p. 89-107 (Binder 142 - 151) and Superfreakonomics Epilogue, Monkeys are People Too p. 212 - 216 (Binder pg. 152-156) Optional: Animal Testing and It's gifts to Humans
Fri Humans and Language; Review Review Sheet Test #6 Read Online: Plato Myth of the Cave Pdf Version; Optional FYI: Redefining what it means to be human and from NPR The Monkey Business of Recognizing Words (Listen 4 min.)
WEEK # 24 Feb.13 - 17
Tue The Biology of Love The PowerPoint  
  Ebola Resources to consider NOT AN ASSIGNMENT
Science Magazine Special Collection
of Articles
NY Times: How Ebola Roared Back(online) or pdf (our google site); BSCS Ebola
Thu Immunology The Powerpoint Read Online Understanding the Immunce System from the NIH Optional: Watch NY Times Retro Report (12 min): The Measles Vaccine.
Fri Immunology Continued Read Online Organ Transplants Watch Paul Anderson's (13 min) The Immune System Optional FYI: One Kidney Transplanted Twice
WEEK # 25 Feb. 20 - 24 (4 Days -- No Monday: President's Day) (Winter Musical Practices & Performances)
Mon No School:  President's Day Hey Dummy: Call Chapman
Tue (God Committee Activity or) Guest Speaker, Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Chapman Read This Online: Chapman Case Studies
(Not This: Do the Handout for Activity located here); Optional: NY Times Investigation into Organ Trafficing and the Situation in Israel
Thu Guest Speaker (KK or The Ethics of Organ Transplans) Pence p. 262-282; Optional FYI: Blending Stem Cells & Organ Transplants; MIT-Animal Transplant Success News
Fri The Biology of Viruses & HIV & Ebola The Powerpoint Read Online HIV & AIDS Pages 1-8 (Info from: HIV/AIDS & Testing) Watch Paul Anderson's (11 min) Reproduction of Viruses or (8 min) Viruses Optional: Ebola Vaccine Successful 2015
WEEK # 26 Feb 27 - Mar 3
Mon AIDS & Treatment Notes Finish Reading Online HIV & AIDS Pages 9 - 15
Tue AIDS & Society The PowerPoint Read Online: Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) Edited Version and Pence p. 385-399
Thu The Politics of Smoking The Powerpoint (Split Day) Read Online: Closing on Tobacco; CQR Nov. 12, 1999 Pdf Version
Fri The Politics of Medical Marijuana The Powerpoint (Split Day)
Optional Review offered after lunch today.
(Combined Tobacco & Marijuana Powerpoint)
Read Online: Marijuana Laws CQR Feb. 11, 2005 Pdf Version; Why I Changed My Mind on Weed CNN Aug. 8, 2013 Pdf Version Optional: NYTimes Supports Legalization; NYTimes Medical Marijuana Research Hits a Wall with Law New York Times 2 min video: Marijuana: Uncertain Medicine
WEEK # 27 Mar. 6 - 10 (4 days- Wednesday is Prefect Day Off)
Mon Review Review Sheet Test #7 Bring in 4 possible essay questions
Wed Prefect Day Off - Contact your May Project Sponsor  
Thu Explanation of Group Project; Visit JBS Library for project topic ideas Group Projects Assignment (To be updated in Spring)
IDEAS For your group project you might consider: Verichips, Zika Virus, CRISPR,  
Fri Active & Passive Euthanasia:  Background on Death The Powerpoint Pence 21 - 26 (Work ahead); Optional: Final Certainty (Doctor-Assisted Dying - The Economist) & Opinion The Right To Die and Frontline's Being Mortal (The Intersection of Life, Death, Medicine & What Matters in the End 54:11)
WEEK # 28 Mar. 13 - 17 (4 Days -- No Friday; Test Days: Mon, Wed, Thu) Spring Break Begins!
Mon Definitions of death; Voluntary Active Euthanasia The Powerpoint Pence 45 - 64; PBS Program Money & Medicine
Tue Physician Assisted Dying Pence 73 - 80; Optional FYI: Deaf Twins Going Blind Choose Euthanasia; Opinion - My Right to Die With Dignity, NYTimes: My Last Day(Alzheimer's & Suicide)
Thu The Ethics and Politics of Baseball Baseball & Philosophy p. 109-125 (Binder p. 178 - 187); Wear a jacket if it's chilly
Fri NO SCHOOL: Spring Break Begins Be Safe!!  
WEEK # 29 Apr. 3 - 7 (Saturday night is Prom)
Mon Welcome Back! Research Day 2 Optional: N.Y. Times Retro Report: The Right to Die (3/2015, 15:00 video)
Tue Case Studies: Cruzan, Quinlan & Schaivo Read Online: Cruzon case Summary Pdf Version and this Quinlan article and this Time Line of Schiavo Pdf Version Optional: An ongoing case: Reverse Death?; Optional: NY Times Retro Report: Terry Schiavo Documentary: The Case's Enduring Legacy (13:00 min)
Thu Medical Decisions for Minors
Optional: Sex, Demential and a Husband on Trial and Results of Case Optional: Should parents of children with severe disabilities be allowed to stop thier growth?
Fri Involuntary Euthanisa of Infants Pence 218 - 228; Read Online "An Infant with Trisomy 18 ..."
WEEK # 30 Apr. 10 - 14
Mon Group meetings with us to discuss presentations Pointers on How to Lead Discussions: Site One, site Two, Site Three, Site Four
Helpful Powerpoint Hints: One Two
Tue Group meetings with us to discuss presentations BRING ROUGH DRAFT OF POWER POINT & DISCUSSION QUESTIONS!!
Thu Library - Implement Changes & Suggestions Bring what you need for project 
Fri History of Triage: Katrina The Powerpoint TBA
WEEK # 31 Apr. 17 - 21 (4 Days - Wed is Senior Health Day; Senior Skip Day)
Mon Triage Simulation Come ready for Improv! 
Tue Discussion of Death & Disaster TBA
Wed No Class - Senior Health day TBA
Thu Course Debrief and Evaluation;
Discuss:  The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten
The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten (Binder Pages 188-202) Complete course evaluation - turn in today.
Fri No School: Senior Skip Day  
WEEK # 32 Apr. 24 - 28 (Potpourri)
Mon Student Presentation #1 All Final Written Reports Due TODAY!! Handout Course Evaluation
Tue Student Presentation #2 Finish Course Evaluation
Thu Student Presentation #3 Finsih course Evaluation
Fri Student Presentation #4 Turn in Course Evaluation.
Seniors Last Day in BioEthics!!!!
WEEK # 33 May 1 - 5 (Last Day for Seniors; Senior Picnic -- May Projects Begin May 3 - NO BIOETHICS CLASS)
Mon SENIOR PICNIC Periods 7/8 --- MAY PROJECTS BEGIN!! See you at Graduation!!

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