What is August Days?

August Days is a two-week summer camp for underprivileged children from the Youth and Family Center in downtown St. Louis; it is staffed exclusively by JBS students entering grades 9-12 who act as counselors under the leadership of two or three senior co-directors appointed by the faculty sponsor. For two weeks in the beginning of August, campers and counselors spend the day (9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) in crafts, games, activities, and simple fellowship; several field-trips (e.g. the Zoo, Science Center, City Museum) supplement the on-campus activities (see an example schedule). Forty JBS students form the counselors’ corps. A more in-depth history is available.

Who is August Days?

A combination of JBS students, faculty sponsors and leaders of the Youth and Family Center make up the highly motivated August Days staff. JBS students starting in ninth grade can join August Days. Students in grades 9-12 act as full-time counselors to the children; they spend the majority of their time monitoring and participating in activities all the while creating a welcoming and safe environment for the campers. Full responsibilities and testimonials of past members can be found here.

August Days Photo
August Days Photo
August Days Photo

When is August days?

August Days occurs annually for two weeks at the end of July (formally, it was the beginning of August; hence, its name). This short, two-week commitment falls between the main summer months and the time when sports teams start practicing. However, some sports teams may begin practicing before August Days finishes but athletes can still be counselors.

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