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Meet the Science Faculty at John Burroughs!

Margaret BaheMargaret Bahe

Scott DekenScott Deken

Deena GoranDeena Goran

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Deena GoranMartha Keeley

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Deena GoranKerri Rowe

Kerri graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and holds a master’s degree in Gifted Education from Lindenwood University.  Kerri teaches 7th grade Life Science, 7th grade Earth Science, and 8th grade Chemistry. She also works with students in the Academic Support Department. While not at Burroughs, Kerri enjoys spending time outdoors. You might find her at the barn with her daughter, or on a run down McKnight Road.

Marina SmallwoodMarina Smallwood

Marina SmallwoodKamau Walker

Tracy Walther

Tracy Conklin grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida and attended the University of Florida for her bachelor’s degree in entomology. For her master’s degree in entomology, she studied a unique algal pathogen of mosquitoes, Helicosporidium. Tracy studied honeybees at Penn State University for her PhD; her dissertation focused on the behavior and symbionts of the small hive beetle, an introduced parasite of honeybee hives. In the last year of her PhD program, Tracy had the opportunity to teach 5th grade science through a National Science Foundation-funded GK-12 program. While Tracy had always loved teaching students in a variety of contexts, this program is what made her seek out a career in K-12 teaching after she graduated in 2012. She comes to John Burroughs School after three years at Evansville Day School in Evansville, Indiana, where her teaching responsibilities included biology and environmental science. During her time in Evansville, Tracy participated in two educational initiatives with NASA: flying a student-designed experiment in microgravity, and facilitating a live contact with the International Space Station during which students talked directly to an astronaut in orbit. In her free time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her husband, Charles and young son, Ben, traveling, running, reading, hiking, and petting her orange cat, Squash.

Kate WardKate Ward

Wayne WintersWayne Winters (Science Chair)

Jaclyn YetterJaclyn Yetter