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AP Environmental Science Links

Ethics & Economics
Population Ecology
Species Interactions
Community Interactions
Human Population
Future of Food
Conservation Biology
Land Use
Resource Management
Environmental Health
Public Health
Freshwater Systems
Water Treatment
Marine Systems
Air Pollution
Climate Change
Nonrenewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Waste Management
Bioretention System

Online Magazines

National Geographic

Scientific American

Discover Magazine

Smithsonian Magazine

Popular Science Environment

Natural History Magazine

Missouri Conservationist

Science Daily

New Scientist

Science News

Academic Books Online from The National Academies Press

Cape Fear's Going Green - Started by a Burroughs Alum


General and Comprehensive Environmental Science Sites

The Environmental Literacy Council

The Habitable Planet

Encyclopedia of Earth

World Watch Institute

Environmental Footprint Calculator

Good Site from the U.K. on Ecological Footprint

Food Miles - You Tube


Ethics & Economics

Environmental Literacy Council: Environment & Society

Encyclopedia of Earth: Cultural and Economic Influences

Encyclopedia of Earth: Economic Forces

Encyclopedia of Earth: Culture and Aesthetic

Environmental Ethics Case Studies

The Story of Stuff with Anne Leonard

The Green Fuse - Env. Ethics Links

Evangelicals and the Environment - PBS

"Is God Green?" - Moyers on America

Chinese Culture & Overexploitation - Planet in Peril

Doe Run & Lead Poisoning

Doe Run Part 1, Doe Run Part 2, Doe Run Part 3 - Planet in Peril


Human Development - United Nations

Earthlings - Movie



Earth Days Timeline - PBS

Environmental History Timeline

Environmental Movement History

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920

Issues and Events in U.S. Environmental History

Rachel Carson - Bill Moyer's Journal

Thoreau Institute

The Tragedy of the Commons

Hudson River PCB Story



Environmental Protection Agency

Earth Policy Institute

Looking at the Environmental Movement - CBS News

Earth Days Timeline - American Experience on PBS

Issues and Events in U.S. Environmental History

Rachel Carson - Bill Moyer's Journal

Missouri Votes Conservation

Hot Politics - PBS Frontline

Automobile Pollution Statistics - BTA



Environmental Chemistry . com

Virtual Radioactive Dating

Radiocarbon Dating Tutorial

Chemistry Tutorial



Environmental Literacy Council: Energy

The Habitable Planet: Energy Challenges

Encyclopedia of Earth: Flow of Energy

NASA: Climate and Earth’s Energy Budget

Primary Productivity

Ocean Productivity Explanation

Laws of Thermodynamics



Natural Selection Tutorial

The Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Tutorial

Evolution 101

Evolution at Different Scales: Micro to Macro

Misconceptions about Natural Selection & Adaptation

Belgium Blue Cows and Artificial Selection

Speciation Mechanisms Tutorial

Allopatric Speciation Tutorial

Peabody Institute: Tree of Life

Interactive Time Line

Lines of Evidence

Understanding Homology and Analogy

The Rap Guide to Evolution

Mass Extinction Timeline - Discovery

Imperfect Evolution & Giraffe


Population Ecology

Exponential Growth Simulation

Logistic Growth Simulation

Island Biogeography Simulation


Species Interactions

Fitting Algae into the Food Web - Try the Food Web Matching Game

Biomes Tutorial

Primary Succession on a Glacial Moraine Simulation

Food Webs & Energy Flow

Predator Prey Simulation

Symbiosis - Jkimball

Parasitic Wasps - Aphids You tube

Mutualism - YouTube

Commensalism - clowfish and anemone You Tube

Alien Invasion - PBS



Environmental Literacy Council: Ecosystems

The Habitable Planet: Ecosystems

Encyclopedia of Earth: The Cycling of Matter

Encyclopedia of Earth: The Biosphere

Eutrophication Animation

Eutrophication Animation



Environmental Literacy Council: Biodiversity

The Habitable Planet: Biodiversity Decline

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at AMNH

Nature Serve



Mountain Maker, Earth Shaker - PBS

Interactive Rock Cycle

Rock and the Rock Cycle

Six Fundamental Concepts about the Earth's Geology

USGS - Rocks

Rocks and Minerals

Recent Earthquakes - USGS

Stones vs. Gems - shout out to Ms. Phillips's class!


Human Population

Environmental Literacy Council: Population Studies

Environmental Literacy Council: Urbanization

The Habitable Planet: Human Population Dynamics

Encyclopedia of Earth: History and Global Distribution

Encyclopedia of Earth: Carrying Capacity

Population Reference Bureau

World Population Balance

The Miniature Earth

Cemetery Data



Environmental Literacy Council: Soil

Encylopedia of Earth: Soils

What is fertilizer and why do plants need it?

North Carolina Department of Agriculture Site

Soil Lead Levels

Dig It! The Secrets of Soil



Environmental Literacy Council: Food

The Habitable Planet: Agriculture

Food, Inc.

Monsanto Response to Food, Inc.

The Meatrix

Poison on the Platter - Movie

The Slow Poisoning of India - Movie

We Feed the World - Movie

Farm for the Future - Movie


Future of Food

Environmental Literacy Council: Genetic Modification

Belgium Blue Cows and Artificial Selection

A Farm for the Future - Movie

The World According to Monsanto - Movie

Patent for a Pig - Movie


Conservation Biology

Encyclopedia of Earth: Environmental Ethics

Encyclopedia of Earth: Environmental Laws and Regulations

Encyclopedia of Earth: Issues and Options


Yellowstone Children's Book Help

Yellowstone National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Yellowstone National Park.com


Yellowstone - National Wildlife Foundation

USGS - Yellowstone Volcanic History

Greater Yellowstone Coalition

Yellowstone Geology Field Notes - NPS

Yellowstone - World Heritage Center

Yellowstone's Year of Fire - 1988

Ken Burns Film - The National Parks - PBS



Land Use

Environmental Literacy Council: Land Use

Encyclopedia of Earth: Biological

Encyclopedia of Earth: Land

The Man Who Planted Trees - Movie

Inner City Blues - Movie

Building Green - Video

Design E2 - Movie

The Sustainable City - Movie

St. Louis and the American City - Mapping Decline

NRDC - Smarter Cities

E^2 - Chicago


Environmental Health

Environmental Literacy Council: Environmental Health

The Habitable Planet: Risk, Exposure, and Health

Encyclopedia of Earth: Air, Water and Soils

Encyclopedia of Earth: Human Health

Environmental Scorecard

Frogs: The Thin Green Line


Public Health

1918 Flu - Nova Science Now

Pandemic Flu - Nova Science Now

Endocrine Disruptors

Products that contain Triclosan

Poisoned Waters - PBS

Breast Cancer and the Estrogen Connection

Hudson River PCB Story

Chernobyl Heart - HBO Movie

The Battle for Chernobyl - Movie



Our Stolen Future - Atrazine Story

Don't Talk about the Weather - Movie

Rebuttal to Anderson Cooper's Body Burden Test



The Encyclopedia of Earth: The Solid Earth

USGS: Geology Discipline



Environmental Literacy Council: Mineral Resources

Encyclopedia of Earth: Minerals


Freshwater Systems

Environmental Literacy Council: Water

The Habitable Planet: Water Resources

Encyclopedia of Earth: Water

USGS: Water Resources of the United States

Water - EPA

Properties of Water & Water Conservation

Primary Productivity

Poisoned Waters - PBS

The Story of Bottled Water with Anne Leonard

A World Without Water - Movie

Flow: For the Love of Water - Movie


Water Treatment

Water Treatment Activity

Dirty Jobs - Sewage Treatment

Water Treatment Process

Sewage Treatment Process

Modern Marvels - Superfund Water Treatment


Marine Systems

Environmental Literacy Council: Oceans

The Habitable Planet: Oceans

Size of the BP Oil Spill

Into the Deep: America, Whaling & The World - PBS American Experience

Can the Oceans keep up with the Hunt? - You Tube

A Fish Tale - PBS

The King of Sushi - CBS



Environmental Literacy Council: Air, Climate, & Weather

The Habitable Planet: Atmosphere

Encyclopedia of Earth: The Atmosphere


Air Pollution

Scorecard: The Pollution Information Home

Environmental Literacy Council: Air Quality

The Habitable Planet: Atmospheric Pollution


Climate Change

The Habitable Planet: Earth's Changing Climate

Encyclopedia of Earth: First-Order Effects

Encyclopedia of Earth: Higher-Order Effects

Heat - PBS Frontline

Hot Politics - PBS Frontline

Five Ways to Save the World - Movie

The Gulf Stream and the Next Ice Age - Movie

The Story of Cap and Trade - Presented by Anne Leonard

Profile: Lonnie Thompson - Nova Science Now

Capturing Carbon - Nova Science Now

Stronger Hurricanes - Nova Science Now

Fastest Glacier - Nova Science Now

BBC Climate Challenge

Blind Spot - Movie

NSF - How do we know?


Nonrenewable Energy

Environmental Literacy Council: Fossil Fuels

Encyclopedia of Earth: Non-Renewable

Uranium - Is it a Country? - Movie

How Nuclear Power Works


Renewable Energy

Environmental Literacy Council: Renewable Energy

Encyclopedia of Earth: Renewable

Solar Action Alliance

Fossil Fuels & Beyond - PBS

Algal Fuel - Nova Science Now

Fuel Cells - Nova Science Now

Renewable Energy Sources - EIA Energy Kids

Locations of Wind Farms


Waste Management

Environmental Literacy Council: Waste Management

Encyclopedia of Earth: Solid Waste

Recyclergy - The Movie

Waste = Food - Movie

Ray Anderson - TED Talk

Greenpeace Company Rankings for E waste



Jennifer Indovina - TED TALK on Conservation

Worldwatch Institute | Vision for a Sustainable World

Jetson Green: Building Green

Patagonia's Green Building



Current Environmental Legislation

History of Conservation

Stream Ecology

Prairie Ecology

Forest Ecology

Ecosystem Structure and Function


Threats to Biological Diversity

Strategies of Conservation

Environmental Economics

Environmental Organizations

Resources for Environmental Information

Bioretention System

PG&A Layout Plans (PDF)

MO Dept of Conservation Plant Recommendations (PDF)

Student Plant File Sheets (PDF)

Website Links:

Missouri Wildflowers Nursery

Missouri Conservationist Online

Missouri Roadside Flowers

Missouri Wildflower Guide

Missouri Grow Native!!