Advanced Placement:
Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science
Service Learning Requirement

As a student in Environmental Science it is important to “get your hands dirty” in order to understand some environmental issues and topics.  In light of this you will be required to participate in at least one service project that deals with any aspect of environmental science this semester.  Some things that come to mind that have been offered through various Burroughs programs include cave restoration, weatherstripping, stream clean ups, Choteau Island clean up, trail cutting, forest restoration, tending urban gardens for Gateway Greening, and working on the super mileage vehicle.  You may also choose to fulfill your requirement outside of Burroughs like doing The World Food Day with the Danforth Center.   If you plan to do your service learning outside of Burroughs you must first approve it with Dr. Deken.  After your service learning activity you must write a 250 to 400-word essay on the importance of the work you did, how it fits with environmental topics we have or will study, and how the activity could have been improved.  Feel free to contact Mrs. Dee or Mr. Dee (Pepper’s dad…) for additional help.

Your essay will count as a homework/lab grade and be worth up to 40 points dependent upon my descretion of the quality of the work. If you choose not to do this assignment you will receive a 0/20.

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