Advanced Placement:
Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science
Extra Credit Opportunities

You may earn up to 80 points of extra credit in the Fall Semester.  You will be allowed to choose up to 4 extra credit assignments to earn a maximum of 20 points out of 20 points.  Whatever you earn in the numerator will also go into the denominator.  For example, you do one extra credit assignment that earns you 19 points.  If at the end of the year we have had a total of 1000 points and you earned 700 of them, your grade will be calculated as 719/1019, which equals 70.6%.  Dr. Deken must approve all extra credit assignments.  The extra credit assignments you may choose are the following:

  • Up to two movies dealing with topics gone over in class.
  • Up to two feature magazine articles dealing with topics gone over in class.
  • Up to two outside lectures or seminars on any environmental science topic.
  • Anything else that Dr. Deken approves.

In addition to watching, reading, or attending one of these things you must write a 300 to 500 word essay telling me what you learned, what you already knew, what you had to find out more about and what that is, what you didn’t know but now know, and your overall impression of the movie, article, or lecture.  The extra credit assignment canNOT be something you did for another class. 

The first two assignments you turn in will go toward your homework/lab grade and the second two will go toward your test grade.

If you need suggestions please ask Dr. Deken.

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