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Environmental Science –AP
(Grade 12; Prerequisites:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics; 5 periods/week; full year; 1 unit; Honors credit)

AP Environmental Science is a college level integrated study of ecology and environmental science.  The course provides students with the scientific principles, concepts, and methodologies required to understand the fundamental concepts of ecology; to identify, analyze, and evaluate environmental concerns both natural and human-made; and to examine possible solutions for resolving these environmental issues.  Environmental science is an interdisciplinary study that draws from biological, physical, chemical, and earth sciences as well as social sciences including economics, politics, and sociology. One double period per week is devoted to laboratory and/or field investigations.  The goal of these investigations is to complement the classroom portion of the course by allowing students to learn about the environment through firsthand observations and experiments.  Examples of investigations include: collecting and analyzing Deer Creek water and our bioretention soil samples, conducting long term studies on local ecosystems, constructing and analyzing model windmills and green houses, and visiting local sites of environmental interest.  Students enrolled in the course are required to take the Advanced Placement exam and are expected to achieve at a level sufficient to earn college credit.